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Sales! Rubber Cover for Glass Frosting Processing

Type:Rubber Cover
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Place of Origin: Zhengzhou,China.

Brand Name: YUKE

Model number: Rubber Cover

Company profile

Dengfeng City Yuke Glass Technology Co.,LTD. is established in 1995 and the headquarters is located in Dengfeng city, Henan province. It is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in researchingproducing and selling the glass frosting powderautomatic frosting lineAG glass technology.

The main products are four series of new type glass frosting powder for glass containers,flat glass,lamp ornaments and the glass crafts,which covers the frosting production of all glass products.

We are also passed the international Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 and the International Environment Management System ISO14001:2004.


Manage Idea

People-oriented,Develop the enterprise through science and technology,Integrity supreme,Quality frist.”

Enterprise Spirit

“Struggle and innovation,first-class and high-efficiency,dedication to work,pioneering to make new progress.”


Function: It mainly used to hold the frosting bottleneck,It can prevent the frosting liquid leaking into the glassware during the frosting process and improve the work efficiency.

Different models according to bottleneck size.

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